Wednesday, September 7, 2011

To Your Borders...

Yesterday on the 6th of September, I was feeling such a funk. Whenever I start to feel that way, I normally start speaking in tongues. Because sometimes I don’t understand where the feelings are coming from- so I’ve just learned to pray.

I had called a friend and was conversing with her and we both began to get a sense that this may be about our nation. Realizing that we are coming up on the 10th anniversary of 9/11, it started making since. Continuing to talk to my friend, we decided that as a defense we would do something prophetic on the 10th. So today the 7th, I connected with an intercessor that lives three hours west of us, over on our coast. She asked if I was interested in meeting her and some others on the Humboldt/Trinity county line to pray. Come to find out that one of her intercessors had had a dream about our borders 10 years ago right after 9/11 and waited to tell her until now. I told my friend that it's wasn't too late and explained that this is the 10 year anniversary of 9/11 and that at times it’s good to re-pray things after a decade. I learned that from Cindy Jacobs. We began getting really excited about what was stirring and came up with this plan.

On September 10th at sunset, we would meet at the two county borders and pray and even perhaps blow the shofar. (The shofar was used as a tool to gather for worship and war and it brings confusion to the enemy's camp.) Then I decided to post this on Facebook and encourage people who feel led to go to either their state border or county lines and declare protection and covering over their regions. So there, now you have the strategy. What if we all do this together and see what happen? Sounds pretty exciting and fun and so last minute!

So, pray and listen and see what you are supposed to do and let’s partner for our freedom and protection over our nation. Just go and do it!!