Tuesday, October 11, 2011


For years now I and along with so many others have seen the number 11:11. It might be on our clocks, watches, through a prophetic word or even on a sales slip at the store. As far as Questions on numbers it is the most asked, "what does the number 1111 mean"?

My answer to myself and others most of the time is to go to the word first and see if you can find a chapter and verse that match 1111. Then I will go to the internet and google Biblical numbers. But, I will tell you that there are times when God gives you these special numbers and will give you a special meaning as well.
Back to 1111. For me what I have found is that the one of the meanings of the number 11 means a time of transiton. So, when there are 2 of them together that is a double whammy on the transiton. I think many of you can relate to that wonderful word TRANSITION.

Over a year ago I felt like the Lord spoke to me very clearly and said, "watch Egypt". So for that amount of time I have been watching and praying over that region. So, on Tuesday, 25 January 2011 the rioting in Egypt started I was not surprised and asked God what He was doing. I felt like this is what He told me. "You watch, this is the beginning of a domino effect. Egypt is the first and other nations will fall as well because I am causing the principalities to fall." I felt so strongly that God was moving His hand in this and that we as a people of God must position ourselves at this time and pray for those failing governments to be established His way. So, as you pay attention to the middle east you can see what is happening as people are rising up. It is like there is a veil that has been lifted and the people are standing up and saying it's enough. We must pray for leaders who will alliance themselves with Israel. We must see that God is moving and that He is establishing His ways.I came flipping through my bible looking for another verse when my eyes fell onto a verse that I had underlined in gold ink. It was Isaiah 11:11
It shall come to pass in that day
That the Lord shall set His hand again the second time
To recover the remnant of His people who are left,
From Assyria and Egypt,
From Pathros and Cush,
From Elam and Shinar,
From Hamath and the islands of the sea.

Rick Joyner uses this verse when he is explaining his take on the number 1111. He calls the meaning 'the second chance'.
When I read this verse and started thinking of where these places were I realized that this truly is a time of second chance and transition in the region of the world.

Let me just say that I felt some what the same way when Iraqi fell. I felt that Iraqi was the first fruits of what would be happening in the middle east.
As of late though I've been thinking about the whole world and what is happening. So, I end with this thought, "It seems like there is change going on all over the whole and that principalities are falling or are close to collapse. Might it be that those powers of the air are being shaken and those demonic holds as in power and greed are falling faster then we can think. I know there is corruption in our nation and all nations and could it just be that God is standing up and saying "enough". Just maybe we are moving into the greatest time of our history. God is on the move and giving us a second chance.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

To Your Borders...

Yesterday on the 6th of September, I was feeling such a funk. Whenever I start to feel that way, I normally start speaking in tongues. Because sometimes I don’t understand where the feelings are coming from- so I’ve just learned to pray.

I had called a friend and was conversing with her and we both began to get a sense that this may be about our nation. Realizing that we are coming up on the 10th anniversary of 9/11, it started making since. Continuing to talk to my friend, we decided that as a defense we would do something prophetic on the 10th. So today the 7th, I connected with an intercessor that lives three hours west of us, over on our coast. She asked if I was interested in meeting her and some others on the Humboldt/Trinity county line to pray. Come to find out that one of her intercessors had had a dream about our borders 10 years ago right after 9/11 and waited to tell her until now. I told my friend that it's wasn't too late and explained that this is the 10 year anniversary of 9/11 and that at times it’s good to re-pray things after a decade. I learned that from Cindy Jacobs. We began getting really excited about what was stirring and came up with this plan.

On September 10th at sunset, we would meet at the two county borders and pray and even perhaps blow the shofar. (The shofar was used as a tool to gather for worship and war and it brings confusion to the enemy's camp.) Then I decided to post this on Facebook and encourage people who feel led to go to either their state border or county lines and declare protection and covering over their regions. So there, now you have the strategy. What if we all do this together and see what happen? Sounds pretty exciting and fun and so last minute!

So, pray and listen and see what you are supposed to do and let’s partner for our freedom and protection over our nation. Just go and do it!!



Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Raw Pad Thai

Here is another one of my favorites!
Raw Pad Thai--- delish!!!

Raw Pad Thai! from Camille Waggoner on Vimeo.

Raw Chocolate Pudding!

So I have started to do some videos out of my kitchen... This week I did a whole week of raw food... and I wanted to share some of my favorites with you. Here is how to make one of my favorite recipes! Raw Chocolate Pudding..... Enjoy!


Raw Pudding! from Camille Waggoner on Vimeo.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Adrenal What?

Adrenal What?

Awhile back I went to a saliva specialist. I was having problems with my sinuses and kept getting sick after long travel times. I eat really well and do all the right things for my health so I was puzzled about the why of all of this. Why couldn’t I stay well?

When the doc sat me down and told me the reason was stress, it shocked me. I don’t consider myself a stressed out person. He told me that if I were a cell phone and he had to plug me in to charge me, I would still not be charged if I were plugged in for a month!

Stress?! Well, what I found out is that there are different kinds of stress. My kind was the kind from a life of travel and the abuse that it plays on your physical body and the crazy schedule that I live.  Through that stress, I developed what is known as adrenal fatigue.

As I am working through this, I’ve been thinking a lot about the affects this has on people. This could only be my thoughts… but could it be that there are many people on anti-depressants that actually have some form of adrenal fatigue? All of the same signs are there.

I didn’t realize how bad I was until I went to my natural path doctor and he started me on a regiment toward healing. I told my husband I didn’t realize that I was depressed until I started feeling better again. I’m still in process with this whole thing and they say it takes months to get over, so I keep doing what I’m suppose to do and I also am searching out new things to try to see what can help.

One of the things I have found that has really helped me is an organic product called Maca. You can take it in pill form or powder form. I personally like to mix it in a drink that I take every morning. When I first tried it I was shocked at how good I felt and after reading about it, I was really impressed with what it does.

Here is the drink I take just about every morning. This is also really good to take when you are working out. All the ingredients are so good for you. Enjoy!

Maca Energy Drink
12- 16 ozs. of coconut water (use another juice if you can’t use coconut)
1/3 tsp of Maca
½ tsp of Spirulina
1 TBS of raw coco powder (I use WonderCocoa, 99.7% caff free)
A small handful of goji berries or ½ to 1 tsp. of goji berry powder.
Blend and drink.
(I put a few drops of stevia in mine).

Here are some symptoms of adrenal fatigue:
               Morning fatigue -- You don't really seem to "wake up" until 10 a.m., even if you've been awake since 7 a.m.
               Afternoon "low" (feelings of sleepiness or clouded thinking) from 2 to 4 p.m.
               Burst of energy at 6 p.m. -- You finally feel better from your afternoon lull.
               Sleepiness at 9 to 10 p.m. -- However, you resist going to sleep.
               "Second wind" at 11 p.m. that lasts until about 1 a.m., when you finally go to sleep.
               Cravings for foods high in salt and fat
               Increased PMS or menopausal symptoms
               Mild depression
               Lack of energy
               Decreased ability to handle stress
               Muscular weakness
               Increased allergies
               Lightheadedness when getting up from a sitting or laying down position
               Decreased sex drive
               Frequent sighing
               Inability to handle foods high in potassium or carbohydrates unless they're combined with fats and protein

Treatment of adrenal fatigue
"Optimal adrenal health is one of the major keys to the enjoyment of life," according to Dr. Wilson. If you have adrenal fatigue, you can fully live life again by making the necessary lifestyle and dietary changes to treat your disorder.
Treating adrenal fatigue is as easy as:
               Lying down during your work breaks (preferably at 10 a.m. and again anytime from 3 to 5 p.m.)
               Sleeping until 9 a.m. as often as possible
               Minimizing stress
               Taking negative people out of your life
               Eating regular meals
               Chewing well
               Doing something fun each day
               Combining unrefined carbohydrates with protein and oils
               Avoiding junk food
               Eating five to six servings of vegetables each day
               Taking calcium and magnesium supplements
               Adding sea salt to your diet
               Taking 2,000 to 5,000 milligrams of vitamin C each day
               Supplementing vitamin E with mixed tocopherols
               Taking B-complex supplements that are high in B6 and pantothenic acid
               Adding licorice root extract to your dietary supplement regimen

Taking back your life
If you take your treatment plan seriously, you can expect your adrenal fatigue to heal in:
               6 to 9 months for minor adrenal fatigue
               12 to 18 months for moderate fatigue
               Up to 24 months for severe adrenal fatigue


At the time of writing this blog my husband and I are on a Hawaiian island getting much needed rest. My doc was happy to hear that we were taking time some off. He said that Hawaii is healing. I like that.

So, I’m praying over my body for healing and being responsible with what I can do, too.

If you feel like you fit into this, I encourage you to research and then do something about it. Don’t just put a bandage on yourself. Get yourself healed; body, soul and spirit.

To your health,

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Something HUGE

I keep getting reports of really huge angels being spotted here and there. Their feet are the size of buildings. Why? I’ve wondered.

This is my conclusion; I believe that they are being released for ushering in what God wants to do. 2011 is a year of transition. It’s easy to look around and see that. The world is changing. The earth and the depths are groaning. Some think that the world is coming to and end in 2012. I don’t! But I do believe that this world will change according to what Christians pray. I also believe that we are in a window of time where if we position ourselves and believe and pray, we will see the biggest ingathering of Kingdom presence than we have ever seen before.

Many of you have heard the prophecies that are in the air and are wondering what should we do. How do we pray? In Isaiah and Ezekiel, God looks for intercessors and finds none. God is looking right now and as far as I can see, there are thousand of us who are in position and we are praying. We are not only praying but standing in the gap against great darkness. We are in a place of declaring the prayers that are changing the planet.

So, back to the angels… Many seers that I talk to who have seen angels for a long time are now seeing the huge angels. I recently got a text from a gal who shared with me about her sister and what she saw. Making this story even more fun is that she is not a seer but she saw anyways. Here is the story:

These words about the West coast can really stir up fear. My family is not hearing positive words about the power of intercession and partnering with Heaven about these earthquakes, etc. 

Anyways, my family caught wind of the predictions and words and my sister really got freaked out immediately. Then as she was praying to God about all this, she had a distinct and vivid vision. 
As she prayed her vision was this: She saw "gargantuan" angels, larger than anything she can describe lined up very close together, no gaps between them. They appeared to be like statues, but she knew they were angels. They were lined up along the West coast, (she saw a coast line). She also became aware that they were like a huge wall, that no water would penetrate, she saw an image of waves but they could not penetrate the "barrier of the angels," the waves were not as tall as the angels. Then she heard "their legs are stabilizing the earth." 

Needless to say, she was very shocked by this vision and encouraged. It is her word to hold on to and declare. *Side note* I LOVE the U.S. but I really LOVE California. In my prayers (before I heard her vision) I felt like I needed release angels to stabilize all fault lines on the Pacific Rim of Fire.

So, here we are on the West Coast with some really, REALLY big angels on our side. Whether you agree or disagree with the recent words that have come out doesn’t really matter to me. One thing that has happened is that people are praying more than they have before. Bobby Conner said that this year is a year of prayer.

So keep this in mind you prayer warriors. As you pray, we have a guard of angelic beings posted and positioned for us!

Loving what God is doing!!


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Fighting Allergies the Natural Way!

Well, here we are in spring it has finally sprung in Northern Cali. My favorite tree has bloomed with its majesty once again.

Taking walks is one of my favorite things to do next to putting my top down on my convertible. I notice that when I am out in the air, my heard starts to get plugged up. Maybe if I get a facemask and wear it out, it will do the trick. There you have it! Seasonal allergies are back. And it seems that they are really back this year. What to do? I thought since some people are asking, I would let you in on some natural ways to fight this wonderful time of the year.

There is a new herb that I have just discovered and it’s called butterbur. Hummm… Here is a link for you so you can take a look, http://altmedicine.about.com/od/healthconditionsatod/a/allergies.htm

Another product that I am using right now is Garden of Life sinus. http://www.google.com/products/catalog?client=safari&rls=en&q=garden+of+life+sinus&oe=UTF-8&um=1&ie=UTF-8&cid=15195878197048306153&sa=X&ei=4eOdTenHGIXJgQek0P3GBA&ved=0CEIQ8wIwAg#ps-sellers

I get this at our health food store here in Redding called Orchard Nutrition.  I was in the other day looking and the gal told me they have been getting good reports on this stuff. I said, “I’ll take it!”. It is working pretty well for me. I have had a long-term problem with my sinuses due to over stressing my body with my busy life. So, my process will be slower with this product but I can feel a difference. Make sure you read all of the instructions. I’m sorry nursing moms and people with liver problems. 

There are also other ways to combat this time of year. You can use a netty pot. The first time I used this I thought I was going to drown! But I got the hang of it and it is a useful tool. I use a really good organic sea salt or Celtic salt in mine. Those kinds of salts are so healing. I also just keep sniffing water up my nose. I know it sounds bad, but it works. When I’m on the planes I have to do that all the time. I think planes have been one of the problems with my sinus dilemma. Did you know that they take out all the humidity in a plane because it weighs too much? Yep, that’s right. Therefore I sniff and sniff a lot to keep my sinus area moist. Which leads me to tell you that having a humidifier next to your bed at night is a good thing as well.

I was reading the other day where you can drink garlic juice for this. Wow! That would be something to try and get that down.

I have recently discovered a great juice drink. I like green lemonade but I tried a jalapeno in it the other day and yep, it was really good and spicy and my sinuses really liked it. Here is the base drink and you can add anything else you want.
1 head of organic romaine
5-6 leaves of kale
1 lemon
1 organic gala or sweet apple
1 slice of ginger - knuckle size

This is the most hydrating drink for me! In fact, it is tested as being about 1/3 more hydrating than water because it has all of the vitamins and minerals that help penetrate the cells. I also add some liquid Stevia to it for a sweeter taste.

Now, to spice it up you add a half to whole jalapeno pepper.
You can juice or blend this drink. If you blend you will have to cut out the kale stem and peel the lemon. I also like to add cilantro (coriander) or parsley. Like I said, you can add anything you like. That’s one of the joys of juicing.

One more recipe that is great for the throat and upper repository is Master Tonic. A friend of ours invented this tonic many years ago and we have been using it for a long time.

Master Tonic
Ingredients 1 part fresh chopped garlic cloves (anti­bacterial, anti­fungal, anti­viral, anti­parasitical) 1 part fresh chopped white onions, or the hottest onions available (similar properties to garlic) 1 part fresh grated ginger root (increases circulation to the extremities) 1 part fresh grated horseradish root (increases blood flow to the head) 1 part fresh chopped Cayenne peppers, Jalapenos, Serrano’s, Habaneras, African bird peppers....any combination of the hottest peppers available. I use the Habaneras.
·            Fill a glass jar 3/4 of the way full with equal parts of the above fresh chopped and grated herbs. Then fill to the top with raw unfiltered, unbleached, non-distilled apple cider vinegar.
·            Close and shake vigorously and then top off the vinegar if necessary. This is a 14 day process.
When complete you store it in the refrigerator. I buy the little dropper bottles and fill them up. I have a bottle in my purse right now!
·            You can use this by the dropper as much as you like. It works great.

A friend was telling me that he tried this when he started to get a cold. What usually would happen to him is that the cold would end up in his chest. By taking the MT it didn’t that time.

To your health,

Friday, April 8, 2011

1,000 things to be thankful for

It all started with a darling little girl who thought my name was “Charlotte.” She gave me a new name—“Charlotte”—when I met her. When I heard that name, I thought, “I think I like that.” This little girl, having just seen the movie Charlotte’s Web, was obviously touched by it.
If you have watched the movie, you know it is about a talking spider and how she inspires and helps a little pig, Wilbur, find out who he is. She helps him step into his destiny.
When I posted this comment on my facebook page,  “A little girl just called me “Charlotte”; I think I like it,” I didn’t know what would transpire.
My friend Anne Stock from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, had asked me to come and be the speaker at their women’s conference. I did not know that they would use this facebook comment and turn it into the title for that conference. When I got to Harrisburg for the conference, I found in my room the brochure, and it was all done in facebook form. Included in this brochure was the facebook conversation of me posting that comment. The first responder was Anne, and she had insight into what the little girl had done in giving me that name.
The name of the conference was called Charlottes Unite. It was a conference for connection women, encouraging each other in who we were.
At the end of the conference, Anne was speaking and sharing about a gal who had at one time written down 1,000 things that she was thankful for. While she spoke, she had us begin to write things down that we were thankful for. As I began to write, I could feel a good feeling coming on me and on others in the room. The very room was changing its atmosphere.
There is something about being thankful that changes everything around us. Being thankful is a very easy thing. It is a choice that we make every day and at times, every minute. It’s simple: if you want to change the air around you and change your heart, choose to be thankful.
I wrote down simple things that would come to my memory. Things like picking blackberries, making jam, watching my husband catch a fish and the look on his face when he does, watching little girls play pretend. As I began to write, I realized there is so much to be thankful for. This will not be hard, writing down a thousand things. So, when I got home, I decided I would do that.
I really like facebook and post many things on there. So I posted on my facebook that I had started writing down 1,000 things I’m thankful for. Many people responded. One gal came up with a plan. I like it when people come up with a good plan. She decided that she would do it, too, but would turn it into a 40-day thankfulness. Every day for 40 days she would write down 25 things that she was thankful for. What a great idea. I decided to join in that plan. So, I’m into my third day and am excited to see what will be put to paper today. Another day of thankfulness—can’t beat that. You should think about that, and when you do, you will start seeing in your head those things that you are thankful for. For me, they are things like seeing one of my trees bloom in spring, boys eating worms, baby chicks, the contrast between the blue sky and the green grass.
So start writing, and change your day. Let’s walk in thankfulness.
Charlottes, let’s unite and bring thankfulness wherever we go and start a chain reaction all around us.