Friday, July 6, 2012

Love Shack Time

I was talking with Ray Hughes the other day and was telling him about using a 528 HZ tuning fork as a prophetic act. Someone told me that this tuning fork is called the tuning fork of LOVE. Google it. Ray told me that science has said that this fork is the sound that holds earth. That blew me away!!

Recently I got up to speak at a meeting and walked up to the song "Love Shack" by the B52's. I was calling people to more love. It was so fun.
God is calling us to more love. He is tuning us right now. Some are being tested in this and it’s just not fun. But God is saying 'love' even when it hurts the heck out of you.

Many of you are in some really hard places right now concerning relationships. Have you ever been watching TV and the emergency alert comes across the TV and it says, "This is just a test". Yep. That’s it. This IS just a test.

We got a call from one of our prophets who read our mail as usual and I think this is for so many of you right now. He told us that the relational stuff that we are going through right now is a test. God is watching us to see how we will deal with this. The reason? If we pass, we will be able to handle what He is bringing to us next. What He is getting ready to do is far greater and is a blessing for us.

I feel that it's time to put our love on big time- even if it hurts a lot. We need to tune our lives to love. When we tune our lives to love it brings healing. One thing about this 528 HZ tuning fork is that science tells us that the sound of this fork brings healing. How many of us know that when God shines His love on us it heals us? LOVE HEALS. You have some tough situations going on? Put your love on. Release love. Leave the judgments, criticisms and the bitterness behind. Jesus loved all the way to the cross and on the cross. Jesus will always be our example of how to love and love well. If He could do it as a man then so can we!

Put on the love today!! You won't be sorry.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

God and Full Moons

A friend of mine texted me recently and said, "It’s the full moon,” and I responded back, "Oh, that’s why." I was kind of joking. I'm sure that many of us are aware that strange things seem to happen on the days that there are full moons. Just ask the police department or the hospital. It seems that more babies are born on full moon days than on other “normal” days. I have heard that more craziness goes on in mental hospitals too. I'm sure that there are scientific reasons for the phenomenon, but that’s maybe for another blog.

After my friend told me this- I woke up the next morning to the full moon day. I love to get up early around the time of the sunrise, which during the summer is around five-ish. It was one of those mornings that I just thumbed through the Bible and came across Jude 1:20 in the Charles B. William translation.

"But you, dearly beloved, must continue to build yourselves up on the groundwork of your most holy faith and to pray in the Holy Spirit; you must keep yourself in the love of God and continue to wait for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ."

This verse was a perfect verse for the day. I woke up feeling restless. It felt like something needed to happen that wasn’t happening and I was feeling anxious for it to happen and for it to happen now! So when I read this verse and got to the part, “pray in the Holy Spirit”, I took a deep breath and realized that once again I had to tell myself- If you can't figure out what is going on, pray in the Holy Spirit. So I did and I had this feeling that whatever is going on I knew I was being nudged to pray. A friend texted me and asked how I was doing. She is an intercessor and seems to be on track with me when things are going on. I began to tell her how restless I was feeling and antsy. After that, one of my interns texted me and asked how I was and I told him the same thing. He suggested that I go out and do something. I told him that whatever I did wouldn’t satisfy me and that this was a spirit thing going on. Physical things don’t satisfy a spiritual itch. Then my intercessor friend said, “something is stuck between heaven and earth,” and that statement went boom in my spirit. That was it. Something good was stuck between heaven and earth. Oh my. I then began to pray all the more. I still didn’t get what the thing was that was trying to get here to earth. Doesn’t this remind you of Daniel when he was praying and it took twenty-one days for the answer to come?

I know God loves full moon days. So much happens on those days. In Psalms 81:3 says:

"Blow the trumpet at the new moon, at the full moon, on our feast day."

God decided to make full moons a time where there would be feasting. Did God know that we would need those full moon days to be a festive day? All you feelers out there who wish at times that you could turn off your feeling-self know that God created you to enjoy life at its fullest. You are a special gift to the body of Christ to release heaven to earth on those days that would make you feel anxious and want to run. Those are the best days for you to press into God. Those are the days that just maybe things are stuck between heaven and earth and God is nudging you- like He nudged me. It’s the best life ever to know that God wants to use you and me and we can bring heaven to earth.