Tuesday, October 11, 2011


For years now I and along with so many others have seen the number 11:11. It might be on our clocks, watches, through a prophetic word or even on a sales slip at the store. As far as Questions on numbers it is the most asked, "what does the number 1111 mean"?

My answer to myself and others most of the time is to go to the word first and see if you can find a chapter and verse that match 1111. Then I will go to the internet and google Biblical numbers. But, I will tell you that there are times when God gives you these special numbers and will give you a special meaning as well.
Back to 1111. For me what I have found is that the one of the meanings of the number 11 means a time of transiton. So, when there are 2 of them together that is a double whammy on the transiton. I think many of you can relate to that wonderful word TRANSITION.

Over a year ago I felt like the Lord spoke to me very clearly and said, "watch Egypt". So for that amount of time I have been watching and praying over that region. So, on Tuesday, 25 January 2011 the rioting in Egypt started I was not surprised and asked God what He was doing. I felt like this is what He told me. "You watch, this is the beginning of a domino effect. Egypt is the first and other nations will fall as well because I am causing the principalities to fall." I felt so strongly that God was moving His hand in this and that we as a people of God must position ourselves at this time and pray for those failing governments to be established His way. So, as you pay attention to the middle east you can see what is happening as people are rising up. It is like there is a veil that has been lifted and the people are standing up and saying it's enough. We must pray for leaders who will alliance themselves with Israel. We must see that God is moving and that He is establishing His ways.I came flipping through my bible looking for another verse when my eyes fell onto a verse that I had underlined in gold ink. It was Isaiah 11:11
It shall come to pass in that day
That the Lord shall set His hand again the second time
To recover the remnant of His people who are left,
From Assyria and Egypt,
From Pathros and Cush,
From Elam and Shinar,
From Hamath and the islands of the sea.

Rick Joyner uses this verse when he is explaining his take on the number 1111. He calls the meaning 'the second chance'.
When I read this verse and started thinking of where these places were I realized that this truly is a time of second chance and transition in the region of the world.

Let me just say that I felt some what the same way when Iraqi fell. I felt that Iraqi was the first fruits of what would be happening in the middle east.
As of late though I've been thinking about the whole world and what is happening. So, I end with this thought, "It seems like there is change going on all over the whole and that principalities are falling or are close to collapse. Might it be that those powers of the air are being shaken and those demonic holds as in power and greed are falling faster then we can think. I know there is corruption in our nation and all nations and could it just be that God is standing up and saying "enough". Just maybe we are moving into the greatest time of our history. God is on the move and giving us a second chance.


  1. I'm making your raw pad thai for my family's dinner RIGHT NOW!! Had to log on and double check one of your measurements.

    I'm so excited - will let you know how it goes over!

  2. Thank you for sharing! This popped into my mind too...the First Commandment. "You shall have no other God's before me." and that the number is seen four times in a row. I think 4 symbolizes humanity. Maybe God is showing it too for us to pray for the Next Great Awakening in our nation. We have so many idols and don't put God first as a nation. So maybe the people who are seeing this are called to Intercede for this. Just a thought! I have been seeing it a lot too with 444. Love reading your post!

  3. Thank you for this post. I (and my son) have been seeing 1111 or 111 a lot for about the past year. What you said about transition rings true to me regarding what is happening in the world and in my own life as I have had a couple of life changing events occur. I also believe for me, that everytime I see it, it is just a reminder that God is there at this difficult time in my life as 1 is the number of God.

  4. Interesting!! I just saw my clock at 1:11 and 1:23 before i read your post :)

    I've been seeing all possible patterns of numbers for 2 years now.
    It started when i was going though a really tough patch in my life. At that time i was seeing almost all hourly patterns. haha!
    I tried writing out verses from the Bible but that didn't really pin-point what the Lord was telling me.
    So far i just see that the Lord is so close and is getting my attention and i treasure that.

  5. As we were eating our leftover raw pad thai tonight I realized I never let you know how it turned out. DELISH! Just as amazing the 2nd time.
    Please post another recipe soon!

  6. Does 11.11.11 mean triple whammy in transition?! This is going to get exciting!!

  7. Would you Beni, or someone with experience in intercessory prayer check out this blog about a dark, dark apartment building our street ministry has come into contact with. Could use some input. Thanks, Corey

  8. What you are teaching is straight up numerology. Which you are entitled to do, but to then label it as Christian is syncretism-and that is the sin of blending pagan worship with true worship of the Lord. The Lord saved me out of numerology, astrology, and all other forms of occultism. This is a great evil, and God will not be mocked. I urge you to read 1 and 2 Kings (and there are numerous other passages) and study why God judged Israel so severely- it was for syncretism and idol worship.
    We do not need to seek after signs or clues from God. He has clearly revealed what we need to know for life and godliness in His Word. Everything else (His secret will) is not for us to know until it is revealed providentially in time and history.

    1. I really feel that if you are a Christian, God can speak trough "numbers". what do you call it then when God puts a certain scripture on your heart. if you read carefully, you will see Beni isn't focusing on the actual numbers or purshing numerology, she is pushing scripture and God speaking to her through numbers. lets not getting carried away and assume things

  9. @Cathy - spot on. This needs to be called what it is.

  10. Hi Beni,

    Oh my, I am sooo glad I came across this block. I've been seeing & noticing 11:11 a lot since last year. The scripture that I got was Heb. 11:11 where "Sarah by faith received stregth to conceive seed, and bore a child shen she was past the age, because she judged Him faithful who had promised".

    I see this as pressing on and into His promises that He gave us, where in the natural it looks impossible or like a desert, but deep down there's rivers of water and springs are coming up every where.

    This is just in a nutshell. I've also been seeing and noticing a lot of different numbers together with other meanings..

    Got to go to the gym..hehe

    LOVE your teachings etc.!!


  11. Hello...

    Thanks... I've been having in mind the "wakey wakey" thing in mind, and Jhn 11.11 says that Jesus said that Lazarus was dead but that He was going to wake him up...

    So Wake me up Lord!!! Right?

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  13. The Father is announcing the Second Coming of his Son Jesus at 11:11.
    I know because this is exactly what the Lord revealed to me by His Holy Spirit.
    Go to my new forum named 1111.lefora.com and read 11:11 the end of the road and 11:11 the complete message.

    Ranger out!

  14. The Father is announcing the Second Coming of his Son Jesus at 11:11.
    I know because this is exactly what the Lord revealed to me by His Holy Spirit.
    Go to my new forum named 1111.lefora.com and read 11:11 the end of the road and 11:11 the complete message.

    Ranger out!