Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Something HUGE

I keep getting reports of really huge angels being spotted here and there. Their feet are the size of buildings. Why? I’ve wondered.

This is my conclusion; I believe that they are being released for ushering in what God wants to do. 2011 is a year of transition. It’s easy to look around and see that. The world is changing. The earth and the depths are groaning. Some think that the world is coming to and end in 2012. I don’t! But I do believe that this world will change according to what Christians pray. I also believe that we are in a window of time where if we position ourselves and believe and pray, we will see the biggest ingathering of Kingdom presence than we have ever seen before.

Many of you have heard the prophecies that are in the air and are wondering what should we do. How do we pray? In Isaiah and Ezekiel, God looks for intercessors and finds none. God is looking right now and as far as I can see, there are thousand of us who are in position and we are praying. We are not only praying but standing in the gap against great darkness. We are in a place of declaring the prayers that are changing the planet.

So, back to the angels… Many seers that I talk to who have seen angels for a long time are now seeing the huge angels. I recently got a text from a gal who shared with me about her sister and what she saw. Making this story even more fun is that she is not a seer but she saw anyways. Here is the story:

These words about the West coast can really stir up fear. My family is not hearing positive words about the power of intercession and partnering with Heaven about these earthquakes, etc. 

Anyways, my family caught wind of the predictions and words and my sister really got freaked out immediately. Then as she was praying to God about all this, she had a distinct and vivid vision. 
As she prayed her vision was this: She saw "gargantuan" angels, larger than anything she can describe lined up very close together, no gaps between them. They appeared to be like statues, but she knew they were angels. They were lined up along the West coast, (she saw a coast line). She also became aware that they were like a huge wall, that no water would penetrate, she saw an image of waves but they could not penetrate the "barrier of the angels," the waves were not as tall as the angels. Then she heard "their legs are stabilizing the earth." 

Needless to say, she was very shocked by this vision and encouraged. It is her word to hold on to and declare. *Side note* I LOVE the U.S. but I really LOVE California. In my prayers (before I heard her vision) I felt like I needed release angels to stabilize all fault lines on the Pacific Rim of Fire.

So, here we are on the West Coast with some really, REALLY big angels on our side. Whether you agree or disagree with the recent words that have come out doesn’t really matter to me. One thing that has happened is that people are praying more than they have before. Bobby Conner said that this year is a year of prayer.

So keep this in mind you prayer warriors. As you pray, we have a guard of angelic beings posted and positioned for us!

Loving what God is doing!!



  1. WOW! I have never sen angels that big! How cool!! Keep praying peeps!

  2. whoa. reading this ushered in such an angelic presence...my whole body got HOT!

  3. HEEHEE Its true they are BIG and they are HERE :)

  4. I may pee on my self if I see one hahaa

  5. God is showing us what He is willing to do IF His people unite and earnestly pray.

  6. I'm so glad you started this blog.

  7. I saw them as Pillars Large and White a month ago...and can see them now...lined up...Also...I believe we have more in faith and believing praying Christians praying then any time in History...I have two sons who live in San Francisco, I was in fear for a minute or two when they first moved there and GOD showed up in All of their details..for me...and I was shown and am shown in my spirit all kinds of Great things...and there are many who want to prove a point and want the nations to be judged starting with San Fransico and Las AngelesI. We all fall short So did David, but David didn't have Jesus...and His Finished WORKS...So I'm trusting and declaring GOD's Mercies and trusting in His details and declaring over the nations Blessing trumping words of Judgement. We are not just a few...we are His Girls and He loves
    us fierce and His Mercies are new every...every...Day...:)

  8. Loving every moment of what God is doing on the face of the earth!! Flaming Spirits He sends to minister for His beloved ones!!

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