Thursday, March 27, 2014

Digestion Health

I have already drunk thirty-two ounces of water this morning. To help with digestion, first thing I do in the morning before I even get out of bed is drink a glass of water. To help even more, I put one or all of orange, peppermint and rosemary essential oils on my abdomen. Next, starting with the ascending side of my stomach, I do circular motions clockwise, all the way around to the descending side. (I know the picture below is kind of gross, but it gives you a good idea of what to do.)

 My second glass of water has lemon oil and/or citrus fresh oil in it. If you don't have the oils for this second glass, you can also use juice from a lemon. It is a good idea to brush your teeth after, because the lemon can mess with the enamel on your teeth.

When people ask me what the number one thing is that they should do for their health, I will always say drink water! Not only does it hydrate you but it also lubricates your intestines and gets you off to a great start of the day. A good rule of thumb on how much water to drink is to take your weight, divide it in half, and then drink that in ounces. If you are one who works out or does a lot of physical activity, you will need to drink more than that. Because I have an intense workout lifestyle, I drink up to a gallon of water a day.

Drinking water is a great way to fight sickness and disease.   

To your health!

Beni Johnson


  1. Thanks for this post, Beni. I was reading it in bed this AM before I got up and reached over to my water bottle! I try to carry a water bottle (that filters the water and makes it more alkaline) throughout the day. Otherwise, I forget to drink, or when I remember, I don't want to drink the tap water. So this helps me on this quest :) I'm a little queasy just looking at that pic, but will try this massage nonetheless :) Bless you!

  2. I don't drink enough water but we do eat bran cereal every day and take acidolphus as well as eat pure yogurt and lots of fruits and vegetables. I now see the importance of drinking more water. I love your health tips Beni! Keep em coming!

  3. Thanks for these wonderful tips! I'll probably do this starting tomorrow. Good work!

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